heko-indicationsSureStep HEKO Custom

SureStep HEKO is the first and only pediatric hyper extension knee orthosis to incorporate a 4-axis knee hinge, for smooth, anatomically correct flexion and extension. This exceptional device provides localized control of the knee, preventing hyperextension, valgus and varus, while allowing full flexion and extension.  With adjustable extension stops, the HEKO offers up to 30 degrees of adjustability. Each SureStep HEKO is custom fabricated to measurements using SureStep’s CAD/CAM system, but can be fabricated from a cast impression or scan. The HEKO comes complete with 2 anti-migration/suspension sleeves.

With two hinge sizes, the SureStep HEKO is ideal for patients up to 100 lbs.

SureStep HEKO  PreFab

The HEKO PreFab incorporates all of the features of the original HEKO into a prefabricated version.

Integrating the same unique 4-axis knee hinge, this more flexible HEKO PreFab allows even more adjustability.

HEKO PreFab provides the physical therapist or O&P professional a prefabricated option that can create much greater knee stability and improve function dramatically.

Available in 4 prefabricated sizes, in either soft purple or black, HEKO PreFab is idea for patients up to 50 lbs.

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