TLSO-indicationSureStep TLSO

The SureStep TLSO has redefined spinal management. The soft, flexible plastic serves well to create improved upright positioning, while still allowing for slight movement in all planes.

By more evenly distributing pressure circumferentially, this unique device creates stability without rigidity, permitting the core to continue to strengthen.  Custom fabricated from measurements, cast impressions or scans, the SureStep TLSO comes complete with a soft interface which is available in multiple thicknesses for improved comfort and compliance.

The SureStep TLSO is available with either an anterior or posterior opening and can be modified to accommodate G-tubes, baclophen pumps, etc.  The SureStep TLSO is the ideal solution for many wheelchair bound children who have difficulty in maintaining an upright sitting position.

Breathing Modifications

Anterior Window: This simple, yet effective modification facilitates anterior expansion of the ribs and abdominal areas.  The anterior window requires a posterior opening and is a perfect solution for children who tend to breathe lower.

Gill Modification: While this modification may look small, its impact will be great.  The gill modification simply allows the chest to expand laterally and enables  improved breathing within the TLSO.   This modification can be added to either an anterior or posterior opening TLSO, and can be added at the time of fabrication, or anytime thereafter.


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