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Juvenile hallux valgus: Shoe fit and other considerations

Austrian research suggests too-short shoes may contribute to the development of bunions in children, and genetics also appear to play a role. Most clinicians try to avoid surgery in young patients, instead turning to conservative strategies such as…

By Christina Hall Nettles

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SureStep shoes have been custom designed specifically for children who wear orthoses. Their wider, deeper heel, toe box and instep allow for adequate room and a comfortable fit. The unique tread promotes intrinsic movement and flexibility while a special “cut-line” allows for easy shoe modifications.

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Not all practitioners embrace soft soles for novice walkers

Barefoot-like isn’t necessarily best

Barefoot is a biomechanics buzzword these days, but not all practitioners believe soft-soled shoes are best for very young children, even if such shoes do approx­imate the barefoot walking experience.

By Shalmali Pal

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